It’s not a bad idea to clean your wheel with a buffing rake before applying more compound. Then, mount one of the buffing wheels on your lathe and set the motor speed to about 1,800 rpm. You can apply polishing compound to your buffing wheel by spinning the wheel slowly and simply pressing the compound against the wheel as it turns. Note: Always use safety goggles and … My husband is interested in metal polishing and we were actually discussing about jewelry polishing the other day. The heat and friction of the spinning buffing wheel will be enough to transfer the compound to the buff. After wiping the surface with a clean, soft cloth, add shine and remove the polishing compound residue by wiping on an automotive cleaner and polish. Parts to be polished are brought into contact with the spinning wheel covered with the abrasive compound. Do this by applying your compound to the wheel for roughly a second or two, and then polishing, repeating the process often. Or order Eastwood Buffing Kit #50341, with smaller 6 … $ 12 99. 11. If the wheel becomes too greasy or over lubricated, the cutting action will be impaired and making your attempts to polish ineffective. Wait a few seconds, then press the rake back into the wheel. $17.98 $ 17. 98. There’s no set in stone amount, but the secret is to use small amounts of compound frequently. Thanks for the info on compounds ……the project Im working on is my Harley 06 Haritage…..a bit larger than a watch or ring . Carrier – Same as binder, but also includes water in the case of liquid compounds. Additionally, the metal deposits that are left behind in the wheel from previous polishing will vary in size depending on the coarseness of the compound used and can damage pieces that need a finer polishing compound. As a general rule of thumb, most polishing compounds that … buffing wheel compounds Buffing compounds are made of tightly-sized abrasives held together with glue or grease binders. Buffing Wheel, 3 Pc. Compounds contain a mixture of fine abrasive fillers and greasy wax. To get started you will need a set of compounds and several polishing wheels, plus a motor to mount them to. This will keep it from being thrown at you if you happen to lose grip. Polishing generates a brushed or lined finish, where buffing removes the lines and creates a bright luster finish. A good rule of thumb … WARNING: This can be a messy process sending polishing compound in all directions. You can remove excess compound by using the wheel rake mention previously. Metal Polishing Compound for Buffing Wheels What are metal polishing compounds? Then to polish your stone, just put your stone to the wheel using a light pressure and a slow speed. BUFFING BASICS. Add to Cart Add to My List. The wheel is porous so that it will absorb or capture the buffing compound as it is applied. 10. The best way to clean your buffing wheel is to use a wheel rake with its jagged blade. Apply more polishing compound during polishing if … You need to be You can tell if there is too much compound on wheel if you notice that a black slick of compounds begin to appear around the piece, generally at the edges of the areas you are polishing. However, you will have to let the wheel dry completely before using again, so you may not be able to use it for an extended period of time. But for the most part same principle s apply .use the right tool for the job.! 9. The edge, or face, of the wheel is the 'sanding block', which carries a thin layer of 'compound' which is the sandpaper. That way you can save some space and use it for other things. Almost any metal or hard plastic item can be buffed to a high polish or a satin sheen with the correct buffing wheel and the proper polishing compound. Swpeet 10Pcs Buffing Pad Polishing Wheel Assortment Kits, Including 3 Pcs Polishing Wheel, 3 Pcs Cotton Buffing Wheels, 3 Pcs Polishing Compound & With Rouge Compound Bars with 1Pcs 1/4’’ Handle. But, if you’d like an even and pristine shine, using a polishing compound will be the right choice for you. Polishing and buffing are finishing processes for smoothing a workpiece's surface using an abrasive and a work wheel or a leather strop.Technically polishing refers to processes that use an abrasive that is glued to the work wheel, while buffing uses a loose abrasive applied to the work wheel. $17.98 $ 17. Tripoli powder, pictured below for example, is an abrasive product that along with the other formula's ingredients allows the buffing wheel to polish a metal surface. Polishing is the act itself, where you’ll apply a liquid substance (known as a polishing compound) to a solid material and gradually remove layers of that surface that are damaged. When you apply the compound first and then start to polish later, the piece that you need to polish will actually help you work the compound deeper into the buffing wheel while it is polishing which will give you far better and faster results while conserving your compound. Discover our comprehensive guides below on the different types and uses of buffing wheels and polishing mops, and tips on how to use polishing compounds and buffing wheels, along with our easy-to-use buffing compound colour chart. A glossy finish starts with smooth wood, so sand projects up to 320 grit before you begin polishing … Apply the compound slightly below the centerline of the wheel. : Titanium is the literally the hardest metal I've worked with. Aluminum, brass, copper, pot metal, steel and stainless steel can all be buffed to a high shine using the high-quality buffing compounds, wheels, and other supplies available from Eastwood. Finish your project off the right way, start shopping top of the line Buffing and Polishing tools today! If you overdo it, remove excess compound with a buffing rake. Dialux is the premium polishing compound and a firm favourite for all those looking for a superior finish to their metal work. Step 3- Apply the polishing compound. Re: How To Apply Compound/Polish Weather should not be a factor, unless it's bitter cold, or you're out in the rain.