An awl can be driven into the top at an angle at regular intervals around the lid to pry it off. Pint through one gallon black, plastic (polypropylene) paint cans are provided with epoxy lined metal covers. After buying a new can of paint, open the can, and wipe any excess paint off the inside of the lid to prevent it from hardening. The unique lid design prevents spray back when resealing, minimizing messes. Sliding the lid into plastic prevents the paint from drying, stops the lid from dripping paint, and provides a clean lifting tab to be able to open, pour, and close the can as needed. If you want to remove a paint tin lid on a used can of paint easily, it is best to place a plastic bag over the can and then firmly tap the lid into place over the plastic bag. SANTA ANA, CA – Behr Paint announced that for the first time in a generation, a reimagined paint can will hit shelves to make the painting process simpler and cleaner than ever before — no paint key or tools required to open the container. The patented Dual-Seal® U-Channel compression locking system on this paint can provides an airtight seal, excellent drop strength, and security against leakage. Because of the fast drying properties, the paint also tends to dry on the inside rims of the jars and cans. When you want to re-use it, turn it up the right way for a couple of days prior. The paint level in a new can of paint is less than 1/2 inch below the lid well, so tipping or jostling the can while you're opening it can easily cause a spill. That way the paint solids will start to mix, and any paint skin will be on the bottom of the tin. First, cut around the lid/can with a utility knife, being careful not to get in the way if the knife slips. The advantage of using acrylic paint is that the drying time is considerably less than oil-based paint. Please note, it is the customer's responsibility to determine if the container is suitable for storing their specific product. Keep the plastic on the lid until you’re ready to reseal the paint can … It can be a frustrating problem when the paint dries on the inside of the lid making the containers difficult to open. I was told in times past that to store paint for any length of time, turn the can upside down (i.e. lid downwards). The superior all-plastic design eliminates dents and corrosion. Behr’s new paint cans include a washable, 100% recyclable plastic pour spout that snaps onto the opening on the top of the lid and can be resealed with a twist-off cap. Gently break the seal by levering the handle down, then pause— don’t continue prying the lid open. With the exception of stock #31832, which is all plastic with plastic cover . Set the can on a stable, level surface before opening it, and make sure you can position your body over it comfortably. No more paint … This makes it very easy to remove the lid next time you want to open the tin. To better seal a paint can and make it easier to open, place a plastic shopping bag over the top of the paint can before hammering on the lid. Then use a paint can opener or the widest screwdriver that will fit in the gap. How to Open a Paint Can Position the flathead between the lip of the lid and the rim of the can. Slide the wet paint lid into a plastic zip-closure bag.