Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Fire Concrete Bowl Pot Fireplace. Better Homes & Garden. 99 $95.00 $95.00. e, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Runs on clean-burning rubbing alcohol Enjoy a warm and cozy fire anywhere in your home or outside. FLIKR Fireplace | Rubbing Alcohol Tabletop Fire Pit - YouTube ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL isopropyl alcohol liquid: Product Information: Product Type : HUMAN OTC DRUG: Item Code (Source) NDC:24385-207: Route of Administration: TOPICAL: Active Ingredient/Active Moiety: Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength; ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (UNII: ND2M416302) (ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL … Isopropyl alcohol produces a yellow flame and does not burn as cleanly denatured alcohol or ethanol. The higher the alcohol percentage, the cleaner it will burn. Usually, you'll run your rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet (or the opposite direction). Nov 12, 2019 - This cement tabletop fire pit from FLÎKR Fire is easy to move. It works best if you try to keep the colorant chemicals separate. Watch Queue Queue The fire ring is 36 inches in diameter and 7 inches high. Subscribe to our newsletter Promotions, new products and sales. If your package does not arrive on the estimated delivery date, we kindly ask that you please wait 1-2 days for it to arrive before contacting us at The higher the percentage of alcohol, the better the alcohol will burn. Materials:Proprietary non-absorbent, high-temperature cement.Base is from a man-made, quartz-like solid surface. 70% or 91% rubbing alcohol. Whether you’re looking for fuel or a fire cover, you’re sure to find all the necessary equipment for modern indoor fireplaces through Starfire Direct. FLÎKR Fire is the original isopropyl alcohol personal fireplace, but it doesn't stay stagnant! With just 5 ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, you will have roughly 50 minutes of burn time. Flame high 4” – 12”. Label. Place a bucket of water nearby to douse the pinecone once it's done burning. While emitting a cozy warmth there is no need to turn down your a/c. Do not use Bio Fuel recommended or suggested by amazon, it will not work! When it comes to your fireplace, you’ll want the essential tools and fuel to keep your fire burning bright. Regular price. Set Isopropyl alcohol on fire : amazing and dangerous experiment. Only and exclusively use 70%, 91% or greater Iso-propyl alcohol as fuel. Isopropyl alcohol is also used to remove brake fluid traces from hydraulic braking systems, so that the brake fluid (usually DOT 3, DOT 4, or mineral oil) does not contaminate the brake pads and cause poor braking. Free Shipping on eligible orders. Swan 70% Rubbing Alcohol 2x32oz. $95.00 We save you a trip to the store by offering numerous ethanol fireplace inserts and accessories all in one easy, online location. And we won't stop improving. Due to Covid-19, your order may encounter shipping delays from the carrier. Weight: 5 lbs. Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit. Create the perfect environment with fire anytime & anywhere. You only need a small pinch of each chemical (1/2 teaspoon or less). $74.99 $ 74. It's a personal fireplace for portable ambience. Yeah, alcohol and cotton balls or BGE fire starters with a micro torch for me. If you want to turn on the fire pit on a windy day, turn it on for 1 minute inside the home, turn it off and take it to the desired place and turn it on again! $49.99 $ 49. Years of refining every aspect brings perfected materials into their purest harmony. November 7, 2020 Uncategorized Better Homes & Garden, Campfire Defender Protect Preserve, Fire Topper, Generic, Giantex, SereneLife, Sterno, Terra Flame, Uniflame, Vizayo Standard. FLÎKR Fire is the original isopropyl alcohol personal fireplace, but it doesn't stay stagnant! Our Fire Pit was designed to use Only 70%, 91% or greater Iso-propyl alcohol as fuel. On a fire-proof surface, line up small piles of powder for each of the colorants. This fire pit table provides a fuel solution for the needs of each unique project. No-Hassle, Worry-Free Returns. Price Isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and rubbing alcohol are sought after for their efficacy in killing microbes and bacteria. Isopropyl alcohol is an affordable fuel that will only produce water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned, no toxins will be generated while burning. Water spray may be used to keep fire exposed containers cool, dilute spills and Suivre. My nieces husband uses all sorts of homemade concoctions to start fires in his back yard fire pit, the thing smells like the inside of an old unkept auto shop. And heat? 99. Materials: High Temperature ang High strength Concrete, Metal feet. Vapours are heavier than air and may spread near ground to sources of ignition. 5 oz of rubbing alcohol will lend ambience for roughly 50 minutes. Isopropyl Alcohol: Material Safety Data Sheet 2 FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA Flash Point 12 ºC Auto Ignition Temperature 399 ºC Flammable Limits LEL: 2.0 UEL: 12.7 Fire Extinguishing Spray Water spray, dry chemical, alcohol foam, or carbon dioxide. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout, t: To make the fire, you’re going to pour alcohol into the cement pit. Build a fire in your fireplace or fire pit. When using this product . It puts out a beautiful flame but not a lot of heat, so it is more for appearance than keeping real warm. Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Fire Concrete Bowl Pot Fireplace. Nov 7, 2019 - This cement tabletop fire pit from FLÎKR Fire is easy to move. Proprietary material / quartz-like base / felt. When the fuel is added, some of the colors naturally will run together. do not get into eyes; do not inhale; do not apply over large areas of the body; do not use longer than 1 week; Keep out of reach of children. No soot on your ceiling (with adequate ventilation), no carbon monoxide, safe enough to roast s'mores over.