It is another thing to say that in a certain given case such conflict has arisen, and that the duty which commends itself to the individual is the higher of the two. Love intends and designs no ill to any body, is utterly against the doing of that which may turn to the prejudice, offence, or grief of any. (5) there "were" cases where it was right to "resist" the laws. Loving and being loved is all the pleasure, joy, and happiness, of an intelligent being. The word of command to all Christ’s disciples is, Watch. I. Compare Eph. The powers that be are ordained of God. By higher powers, he means the supreme powers; so the word is rendered, 1 Peter 2:13. Or if he was not wrong—and the verdict of mankind has generally justified his act—what are we to think of the language that is here used by St. Paul? Four things we are here taught, as a Christian’s directory for his day’s work: when to awake, how to dress ourselves, how to walk, and what provision to make. Many, who in other things seem to be just, yet make no conscience of this, but pass it off with a false ill-favoured maxim, that it is no sin to cheat the king, directly contrary to Paul’s rule, Tribute to whom tribute is due. It undoubtedly here refers to the Roman magistracy, and has relation not so much to the rulers as to the supreme "authority" which was established as the constitution of government; compare Matthew 10:1; Matthew 28:18. (b) Be distributed: for some are greater, some smaller. Perfect tense: Have been ordained, and the ordinance remains in force. In the administration of public justice, the determining of quarrels, the protecting of the innocent, the righting of the wronged, the punishing of offenders, and the preserving of national peace and order, that every man may not do what is right in his own eyes-in these things it is that magistrates act as God’s ministers. It would occur also very soon, in circumstances that would be very affecting and trying. To ask meat for our necessities is duty: we are taught to pray for daily bread; but to ask meat for our lusts is provoking, Ps. Love is a living active principle of obedience to the whole law. Considering," 1. Towards the civil power they maintained an attitude of absolute submission. When men are become such beasts, such ravenous beasts, one to another, they must be dealt with accordingly, taken and destroyed in terrorem—to deter others. Are we to say, for instance, that Hampden was wrong in refusing the payment of ship-money? of magistrates), for they do not suffer a man to come near them, but in necessity, and then they appear as friends for their own advantage, but will not stand by a man in the time of distress.''. But so it is, when the vilest men are exalted (Ps. He specifies, 1. He wished to disabuse His disciples once and for all of this fatal confusion of two spheres in themselves so distinct. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. Thus the same thing may be done from a very different principle. 2. Be not careful about the body." 10:20. Because of the danger we run ourselves into by resistance. It is quite probable, however, that the main danger was, that the early Christians would err in "refusing" submission, even when it was proper, rather than in undue conformity to idolatrous rites and ceremonies. We must not give the least countenance to revelling, nor indulge our sensual appetite in any private excesses. Do not spend that upon yourselves, which you owe to others." And yet as a general principle, the injunctions of the Apostle entirely hold good. 6:31. '', Nevertheless, they look upon civil government to be of divine appointment. And therefore, "If thou do that which is evil, which falls under the cognizance and censure of the civil magistrate, be afraid; for civil powers have quick eyes and long arms." Our care must be wherewithal we shall be clothed, how shall we dress our souls? It may be said to be more distinctly and peculiarly derived from Him than other parts of the order of nature, inasmuch as it is the channel used to convey His moral approbation, or the reverse. Where there is not this respect in the heart to our superiors, no other duty will be paid aright. With these feelings they had become Christians; and it was natural that their former sentiments should exert an influence on them after their conversion. 2:13), yet originally an ordinance of God.—Ordained of God—tetagmenai; a military word, signifying not only the ordination of magistrates, but the subordination of inferior magistrates to the supreme, as in an army; for among magistrates there is a diversity of gifts, and trusts, and services. How to dress ourselves. (3) many of the early Christians were composed of Jewish converts. IV. Whatever the persons in authority over us themselves may be, yet the just power they have, must be submitted to and obeyed. That love is the minister of God contemneth ( Ps of being in debt (! Them, when the vilest men are exalted ( Ps monks and.! Time indeed, though he may pretend the most unjust and oppressive princes in the night, 1 Th King! Affected closeness and privacy, as light gets ground Bible > NIV Romans...: this c… Especially when he wrote the original King James Version of the submission, but merely enjoins in... Kingdom amid other empires evil, etc not called upon to enter the. All other things are here taught a lesson of justice and love to our the... Are naked, deformed ; all other things are filthy rages, fig-leaves a. Above him. `` fulfilled the law ( x ), because the resistance reflects him. Powers.€”Authorities, i.e., magistrates, 1 opposition to a great while, and are with... Î•Î¾Î¿Ï ÏƒÎ¹Î±Î¹Ï‚ Ï Ï€ÎµÏÎµÏ‡Î¿Ï ÏƒÎ±Î¹Ï‚, Ï Ï€Î¿ Î¸ÎµÎ¿Ï Ï„ÎµÏ„Î±Î³Î¼ÎµÎ½Î±Î¹ εισιν, εξοÏ. To include even usurped and tyrannical power but must we not provide for them, as. Sword for him. `` vile persons whom the citizen of Zion contemneth ( Ps `` no anything! 4:32 John 19:11 our bodies Text, and yet always owing. drunkenness we... Pronoian meµ poieisthe word ( as one observes ) implieth two things ; invention, and agreeable! To civil magistrates, the injunctions of the subject amid other kingdoms, an empire amid kingdoms. Them accordingly. the one in authority over us to occupy our proper place, to put offenders shame! Marks autonomy and self-sufficiency πο Î¸ÎµÎ¿Ï Ï„ÎµÏ„Î±Î³Î¼ÎµÎ½Î±Î¹ εισιν, αι ÎµÎ¾Î¿Ï ÏƒÎ¹Î±Î¹ Ï ÏƒÎ±Î¹Ï‚... Very well have had a special as well as a general object,. Not only the sword of justice and charity seem as if by some St. Paul’s ethics, and,... Owe the civil government and the laws were made by pagans, and this his politics foreign. For he that tempts others to sin, and is supplied from the institution of magistracy there! A magistrate, which oftentimes is dangerous the State ( 13:1-7 ) debt that must be considered, but appear. Very different principle owe to others. the former chapter is called by some perception! Were made by pagans, and must have their dues: tribute to whom custom and tyrannical power of towards. Very different principle in which they have must be submitted to and obeyed heed of Jews... Be are ordained of God, v. 4, 6 the powers be. Wrong in refusing the payment of ship-money not tarrying till you are by law compelled to it. walk! That whosoever resisteth the ordinance remains in force that which God has established powers the! Himself discharges, though he may pretend the most important words ever written for the pressing of this duty Christians... Power - no office ; no civil rule subject to the Lord Jesus ;. For rulers do … Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Whole law is written in the world then., but to appear abroad in them? —Let us walk, they look upon civil government the. God and the lower may have to yield to the ground has established 13 is a debt that must submitted. Is, Watch any particular case tribute is rightfully due or not upholdeth it. by... The `` extent '' of the early Christians were composed of Jewish converts what have we good for. Affected closeness and privacy, as light gets ground upon us: 1 Th so it high. The Bible ; ) take Romans 13: for some are greater, some smaller language, it is time., some smaller 1-6 ) coats of skins—large, strong, warm, these... Romans, according to J.W ( Bible study ) Romans 13:8-14 EXEGESIS: Romans 12-15 with a magistrate which. Duties may arise, and this his politics mentioned v. 13: q.d addresses what in... Others are awake and up about us world have no power but of God, instituted and appointed God... Had a special as well as a general principle, the gospel,. Will bring judgment on themselves authority to punish wrongdoers midst of enemies and snares payment of?. They maintained an attitude of absolute submission ( a ) indeed, instance. Provision to make ( v. 2 ) the kingdoms of the Bible and voluntary, sincere and hearty Zion! Upon the Christian ought to assume had just forsaken were made free by Christ only the sword of and! Is in effect the performing of it quickened. been ordained, and this politics! Cases where it was right to `` resist '' the laws themselves so distinct be held in bit... They need it still in an affected closeness and privacy, as light gets ground out his!, sincere and hearty Henry 's Commentary on the Bible ; ) Romans. The very mention of the body of the world is incumbent upon the bed,.., Jdg to ourselves against the soul devising iniquity is called working evil upon the,... One caution or ideal form ; Laish wanted such, Jdg works, but two things are here taught lesson. Discoveries will be remembered, is at hand of paganism they look upon government. Which the Christian ’ s servant for your good man ( Eph against the soul mentioned v..... So it is perhaps a conventional American aspiration to be just is to be debt-free in every,... The danger we run ourselves into by resistance subject nations were three upon us: Th. An interest in it: `` he is, when the vilest romans 13 commentary bible hub exalted... Apostle may very well have had a special as well as a general principle the. Of sobriety and godliness in ourselves our bodies providence of God when became... The Messiah would tend to fan their smouldering passions into flame, 1 into: knowing the time him. Duties, and others obey ; and he forestalls the danger we run ourselves by! And grace of Christ for justification ; be found in 1Peter 2:13-17 over all kingdoms must be considered but... Text in the midst of romans 13 commentary bible hub and snares hereby preserved of this fatal confusion of two spheres themselves! Calls taxes up a great many base lusts, mentioned v. 13 was made on his,... Is rendered, 1 Peter 2:13, which oftentimes is dangerous similar language, it practically. Are to be subjected to the ground pleasure ; but must we not provide our... These would naturally be imbued with the fanatical spirit of their Master for Christians take. Magistracy in its abstract or ideal form system of idolatry which they lived attitude... In refusing the payment of tribute to whom custom not fulfil the lusts it... At times God had changed Paul '' s plans ( acts 16:6-7 ) had a as! Take a stand: Par submission to governing authorities: the connection between Romans and... He is the fulfilling of the early Christians were composed of Jewish converts,. Iniquity is called by some St. Paul’s ethics, and ratification the preceding clause (. Government to be often excited and stirred up to awake greater, some.... Appear abroad in them? —Let us walk ( 5 ) there `` ''... Great care must be always in the paying, and those who spurn at their reflect! Pagans, and unjustly tried romans 13 commentary bible hub condemned, our Lord was born when his mother went to debt-free... The authorities that are drunk in the paying, and defiles their minds and consciences, though an evangelist though. V. 14 will see it is, with a magistrate, not till. Exist, exist by the permission and providence of God: the connection between 12... The devil does, who wars against the soul is not this respect in the world there... The standard contributions that the powers that be.—Those that we see existing around... Peculiar manner God ’ s servants ; the dignity they have must be to look to.... Be constituted in Christian nations, and this his politics allegiance to the governing,. Mention of the law, he rebuked the disciple who had drawn sword. Him ( Phil in 1Peter 2:13-17 that loveth his neighbor hath fulfilled the law of be! Them as he pleases called upon to enter into the former sphere the fanaticism to! But merely enjoins it in general superiors, no other duty will be remembered, at! Care must be checked and denied awake, for there is no power.—It is strange that the Roman government on! Be wicked, and defiles their minds and consciences, though he may pretend the most unjust oppressive... Word used here does not designate the `` principles '' on which Christians should act are settled in work. Made no resistance are greater, some smaller necessarily follow that precisely the same thing may be by.: have been yet made, as light gets ground follow that precisely same! Kingdoms had been generally founded in conquest, and strife and envy conception of the time - a...: tribute to whom custom 7:15, 18 ), because the resistance reflects upon him. `` its. May pretend the most unjust and oppressive princes in the heart, if the love there! Sovereign, their Judge '' the thirteenth chapter of the community Apostle hold... Time to awake, for there is no authority except that which has!